Forest Shade Eco Resort is a Luxurious Hotel in Deraniyagala that offers exclusive 5 star experience with luxury accommodation, unparalleled fine dining options and the ultimate in comfort and privacy. We offer an intimate getaway to pamper and spoil yourself as you overlook breathtaking views of tea valleys, misty mountains, water streams, waterfalls and serene blue skies. This exquisite hideaway is set in lush natural forests, overlooking a picturesque flowing stream of Seethawaka River at Deraniyagala, complete with many cascading waterfalls.


Situated 72kms away from Katunayaka International Airport, which is an easy 2 hour drive. Deraniyagala area is blessed with a number of waterfalls and water level of these falls are high throughout the year due to good rainfalls. Most of these falls are less in height, but rich in beauty.

“Elihatha” is the most prominent waterfall among Sri Lankan special and charming waterfalls. This is situated at Maliboda village, Deraniyagala. This falls continuously as seven falls which is situated in “Naya Ganga”. This river is commenced from Samanala Adaviya and falls down combining with Seethawaka River and then joins with Kalu Ganga. Samanala Adawiya is a very special biodiversity zone in Sri Lanka which has most conventional species of animal, flora & fauna.

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Forest Shade Eco Resort

K 1A, Pandaha, Deraniyagala. SRI LANKA

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